Export Products & Trade

Tachnat is a proud supporter of Australian local businesses. We value quality and export premium products to our international business partners and customers. Our growing export portfolio includes Australian milk-based and agriculture products such as whey protein and apples. We also source African precious metals and timber for our business partners.

Muscle Juice

Tachnat’s premium protein supplement Muscle Juice is a product of choice among many muscle building enthusiasts and gym members in India. Muscle Juice is 93% whey protein isolate (WPI) and comes in various popular flavours so that you are never bored of the limited two popular flavours. Unlike whey protein concentrates (WPC), WPI are further purified to ensure low levels of carbohydrates and fat. As WPIs are 90%+ protein by weight they are almost exclusively pure protein.

Muscle Juice comes in 1kg, 2kg packets and 5kg tub. It is manufactured, packaged and sealed in Australia under strict food and diary handling guidelines. Muscle Juice is available in India only through our distributors and comes in sealed with Tachnat’s premium quality promise of 93% protein per scoop. Please click here for contact information on our distributors for your Muscle Juice order.


Australian premium apples particularly Red Delicious, Royal Gala and Fuji strains are popular as they are medium sized, sweet, crisp and juicy apples with an appealing texture. With the advancing technology Australian apples are packed, stored, and shipped to retain their freshness when it arrives at the local markets and vendors in the international market.

Tachnat sources premium Australian apples for distribution in international market. Please Contact us if you wish to be considered as a Distributor.

Pedigree Dogs

Dogs are considered the best companions of humans outside of their own species from ancient times. Adding a dog to your family or gifting a dog to a significant person is a decision following deep contemplation as it is probably a 10 to 15 years commitment. The choice of a pedigree dog or a cross-breed or a local dog requires careful consideration on the looks, size, temperament, health, longevity, purpose, environment and status symbol of owning the dog. Once the decision is made, be prepared to forge a true relationship that would change your life as you would now have to consider the dog in all your decisions.

Tachnat sources Pedigree Pure Bred Dogs (PPBD) from registered dog breeders in Australia. Our PPBD are recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council or their affiliates and come micro chipped, de-wormed, Vet assessed and with Certificate of Pedigree Breed. As a value added service, our PPBD arrives to you with a “Know my family” CD whereby you could meet the pedigree puppy’s parents of same breed. Please Contact us for your own Australian PPBD or if you wish to be considered as a distributor.

Precious Metals & Timber

Africa is blessed with natural resources with precious metals and timber in abundance. Tachnat trades these products for interested parties on a needs or demand basis.

Please Contact us for more information.